custom paddleboard paddles

wavetrainSUP sells custom paddles that we design AND build to order SUP paddles that you can design and we will build for you.

Custom paddleboard paddles

Sometimes the occasion warrants a ‘one of a kind’ gift to yourself or maybe your sweetie, if they've been extra good. That can be a custom paddle, already built and waiting for your discovery, or it can be a paddle that you design and we build. Either way, your result is a warm, lush, and organic piece of wood for your hands built to perform on the water and look good on land, that no one else has.

image of a Solid Citizen paddle, a bent shaft wood paddle from wavetrainSUP

Solid Citizen

The workhorse paddle, the one that makers build from a standard kit. We also offer it completed and ready to paddle. Or we can tweak it to your taste.

picture of a Knotty Farmhand paddleboard paddle

Knotty Farmhand

I've always had a soft spot for reclaimed wood. Here in the midwest, reclaimed wood means old barns, nearly all of which were built with pine. With 100+ years of drying this wood is light, tough, and comes with some character.

picture of a paddleboard paddle with reclaimed redwood blades

Old School Red

This is the wood that got me started in the ‘reclaimed’ world, which is its own world. I have clear redwood and wildly figured redwood, each offering beauty in a red color and an unbeatable smell when you work the surface.

picture of a wavetrainSUP Night and Day SUP paddle

Night and Day

A double sided blade makes this look. The same effect can also be done with the shaft pieces.

picture of the Eye Candy paddleboard paddle

Eye Candy

A reclaimed piece of Sitka spruce affords a unique knot that gives the shaft top piece or the blade (first) piece a unique look. When this board is gone this unique knot is gone.

picture of a Happy Ghost paddleboard paddle

Happy Ghost

A creamy colored paddle brought to you by the beauty of basswood. Not quite white, with a noticeable lack of grain, the Happy Ghost and its creaminess is an opposite complement to the New Moon paddle.

picture of a wavetrainSUP Splash paddle


Nature is full of color. A Splash paddle is all that and then some! Built like our other paddles, a Splash paddle veers off into color when it comes to finishing the blade. A wide array of cotton cloth gives the paddler a chance to make a statement wherever the paddle goes!

picture of a flyover pine paddleboard paddle

Flyover Pine

A beautiful wood, found everywhere. Pine is a big chunk of what made America. Pine, with its many twists of grain and color and character, offers a great palette for a ‘one of a kind’ paddle!

New Moon paddleboard paddle

New Moon

Walnut is a gorgeous dark brown, like the night sky under a new moon. Almost black but not quite. Add in a little purpleheart trim and the results are gorgeous. At least to my eye.

a paddleboard paddle a little thicker and a little wider


The Chubbster is a style, an outlook that can be applied to any of wavetrainSUP's paddles. Shaft strips are a bit wider or thicker or both. Likewise with blade dimensions. Not always larger, just heavier duty. Thicker. Why? Some people like a shaft with ‘enhanced’ circumference, others want a heavier duty blade. It's your paddle, make it the way you want it!

Build to Order

More than anything else, build to order is a way to relieve the frustration of not having the correct height paddles in stock. Frustrating from both sides of the paddle! I try and stock a few paddles based on the most common men's and women's heights, but it is amazing how often the paddles in stock are one inch too tall or short. Build to order solves that problem. Another advantage to that is the opportunity to pick pieces, especially if you are wanting a Knotty Farmhand or a Flyover Pine, the knots in those blade pieces are endlessly different.

more about the Build to order process

straight and bent shaft canoe paddles

Most of the time we are about SUP paddles and kits, but we also do canoe paddles and kits, which is where straight shafts are usually seen.

Straight and bent shaft canoe paddles