Out on the water

Getting outside can be simple sometimes. Sometimes simple is best.

People out on the Water

Family and friends. Local water. Simple. Good for your head. Keeps you clean inside and out.

picture of local water paddlers

Before 'selfies' and kids having their own phones, a real camera was used to take people pictures.

picture of my favorite water people

They're all grown up now. Then they all fit in one canoe, now they're a bit bigger and older and each are good enough to helm their own craft....

another custom Eye Candy paddle

Lost the glasses, but I still have the shirt, the dog, the SUP, and even the paddle, which was one of my first.

picture of local water paddlers

I think this is Labor Day from back in the day. Cox Lake in Governor Dodge State Park, if memory serves. Really impressive terrain. All sorts of narrow coulees, steep little hills and valleys - a really interesting part of Wisconsin. Paddling was nice too!

picture of a small dog wearing a doggie pfd

The aging matriarch of the family. As our kids have grown she has aged from a puppy into a lovable old fluff ball, one who takes great offense at being made to look silly for the camera. I think she was mad at me for this whole day for making her model a doggy pfd.


My wife out paddling the rust off, on one of the first nice spring days on Lake Kegonsa