Paddleboard Paddle Kits

Whether you want to complement your DIY board or you just want a wood paddle, a kit makes it possible with ONLY hand power. No power tools required!

Bent Shaft Paddleboard Paddle Kits

It's a great feeling getting out on the water with a paddle you made yourself! wavetrainSUP paddle kits contain the pieces you need to make TWO paddles, each with a laminated bent shaft made from five pieces of wood and a blade with six pieces of wood. The handle is one piece and is mortised to fit over the top of the shaft. This makes a simple and strong connection. I take the edges off, but it is still large enough so the maker can shape it as they see fit.

All the wood pieces come pre-cut to the rough shape and length. The paddle builder is tasked with putting the pieces together. Epoxy is part of the kit. No electricty is required. The builder can build these paddles with hand power only! Of course, you are free to use whatever power tools you want, but you do not need electricity! Each kit contains enough wood and other materials to make TWO complete paddles, including four ounce fiberglass cloth for the front and back of both paddle blades. The kit comes with a form that aligns and clamps the shaft pieces AS WELL AS serves to put the bend in the shaft. One overlooked advantage of this form is the ease with which the paddle project can be moved around, say from the kitchen table to the counter, so you can eat your dinner at the table. The form is pre-drilled and labelled before it is shipped. All the builder has to do is follow the numbers and reassemble the form with the included screws.

One of the many beauties of making your own paddle is that the builder decides on many of the items. Those decisions are covered in the manual and the ‘update’ videos that I send out in email to each purchaser. Each builder has multiple opportunities to truly make a custom, ‘one of a kind’ paddle.

Kit Components

All of the custom paddles can be purchased as kits, assuming that the desired wood is available.


wood types, shaft width and laminate thickness


Size, profile, thickness, wood type


wood type, shape, and style

laminated wood bent shaft paddle kits

no electric power tools needed! The kit also comes with a ‘lay-flat’ spiral-bound color instruction manual. Updates to the instruction manual are posted as Youtube videos so you can see and hear how wavetrainSUP arrived at the update.

Buying a wavetrainSUP paddle kit

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