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never call or email. That's why the number and email address are on each page. My wife says I need to be more normal when I write stuff.

get in touch with wavetrainSUP

hey - we're here and you're not. The phone works all the time and so does email. If you are in the time zone and feel like a shop visit, call and we can set up a time. I might even sweep the floor, although I have to admit that I like wood shavings a good bit. Regardless of floor cleanliness, I'm always happy to talk about wood and woodworking and paddles.

Stoughton does have some cool Norwegian stuff to tour and look at, and there's decent paddling just minutes away, including my favorite stretch of the Yahara river. In theory a paddler could go up the road and check out the lakes surrounding Madison and maybe even decadent, over the top, and wildly pleasant places like State Street and the State Capitol. You could even paddle there if you're into the distance thing.

Imagine that - a contact page and a tour guide all wrapped up in one.....

picture of Capitol dome in Madison WI and Darren Bush in a kayak

Above is a picture of Darren Bush, a local paddler here in Madison. You might know him as the owner of Rutabaga and Canoecopia. Great guy and two great paddling destinations if you ever get to this part of flyover country. He and I worked together on some video projects back in the day that involved paddle instruction. Here he is paddling Lake Mendota (I think) with WI State Capitol looming ahead.