pictures of a kit-built paddle

wavetrainSUP sells paddle kits containing the pre-cut wood, a form, and all the components you need to build TWO of your own paddles! We also sell custom and build to order SUP paddles.

a paddle built from a standard wavetrainSUP kit

July 12, 2022
This is a Solid Citizen and it happens to be the 'stock' paddle that is the kit. While there are many options available to the kit paddle builder, this is what a stock paddle built from a kit will look, once the builder has finished it. The color of each piece of western red cedar and white pine may vary, of course. The purpleheart trim tends to be a nice, consistent (and gorgeous in my opinion) purple.

image of xxxx
side view of lower shaft -

image of hand built wood paddles
lower shaft and blade -

image of a paddle built from a kit
handle and upper shaft side view

image of dddd!
handle back view

Four pics are worth four thousand words ??

This is a Solid Citizen. The shaft is five laminated strips of western red cedar and white pine. The blade is western red cedar with purpleheart strips along the blade center and blade edges. The handle is a one piece chunk of western red cedar (it's about 80% shaped, the builder gets to add the finishing touches). Shaft strips, handle, and blade are bonded with West Systems GFlex. Blade is encapsulated in four ounce plain weave fiberglass and saturated with MAS epoxy resin. Bottom of blade gets a rock/tip guard courtesy of GFlex.

the Workbench Says

June 24, 2022
Cedar, white pine, and redwood. All good. Complete paddles and paddle kits. Just add them to water and watch the magic happen!

Pine Paddles

I've always liked pine. It smells good, looks good, and feels good. The price is very good. So I built some pine paddles. Maybe you should, too! OR add pine pieces to a kit order and build a few extra pine paddles before you begin your cedar masterpiece.

Pine paddles