part SUP and part catamaran. Have a look at supCAT boards for more info on buying a custom-designed supCAT, or kits and plans for your own DIY supCAT!

supCAT cataSUP padamaran standamaran

a custom hybrid catamaran paddleboard

I've always liked the look of catamarans and the quiet of canoes and kayaks. So a few years back now, I put one foot in front of the other and developed a supCAT. Here's one in the wild, on a two day float down the Wisconsin River over 2019 Labor Day weekend.

What to call it? supCAT is my favorite, but cataSUP and standamaran work too. padacat? Two pontoons and a deck. Call it what you will, but it floats, it paddles and it is a joy out on the water! There's more at supCAT boards website
updated September 7, 2019

picture of a cataSUP from supCAT boards

Lush colors that cut through the water. A spacious deck that can easily hold more than one paddler, or even a paddler and a sitter. Tie downs and hatches allow for more options.

picture of a supCAT board on a wisconsin River beach


cataSUP options