part SUP and part catamaran. Have a look at supCAT boards for more info on buying a custom-designed supCAT, or kits and plans for your own DIY supCAT!

supCAT cataSUP padamaran standamaran

a custom hybrid catamaran paddleboard

I've always liked the look of catamarans and the quiet of kayaks. So, over the winter I went about turning my long imagined paddleboard, based on that notion of catamarans and quiet kayaks, into something real. And here it is.

What to call it? supCAT is my favorite, but cataSUP and standamaran work too. padacat? Two pontoons and a deck. Call it what you will, but it floats, it paddles and it is a joy out on the water! There's more at supCAT boards website
updated May 22, 2019

picture of a cataSUP from supCAT boards

Lush colors that cut through the water. A spacious deck that can easily hold more than one paddler, or even a paddler and a sitter. Tie downs and hatches allow for more options.

picture of a happy paddler on her cataSUP!


cataSUP options