Night and Day SUP paddle

a Paddle Shaft with Contrasting Strips

First it was an Oreo, after the cookie, with which I've long had a relationship by the way. Then it was ebony and ivory ala Stevie Wonder's song and metaphor about piano keyboards and humanity. In the end though, it's a ‘Night and Day’ paddle.
There's four pieces to the blade, each side of the blade has two sides, so no matter which side you look at (power face or back face) night and day are there waiting for your next stroke.

The shaft is five laminated pieces of wood. That wood can be a mix of walnut and basswood to continue the night and day theme, or it can be cedar and basswood much like our standard 'Solid Citizen'.

picture of a Night and Day paddleboard paddle

Each side of the blade has two faces, that makes four total faces. Eace face is different. That makes for a unique paddle. This paddle has basswood edge trim on both sides. Opposite edge trim is an option for this ‘build to order’ paddle.

picture of the power face of a Night and Day paddle

Power face rich walnut and lush basswood about ready to get wet.

picture of back side walnut and basswood

back side walnut and basswood emerge from Lake Kegonsa. The stairstep cascade of the shaft pieces is but one option for all of wavetrainSUP's paddles.

Buying a Night and Day SUP paddle

What length would you like this paddle?