Splash paddleboard paddles

creamy smooth basswood with a serious color splash on the blade.

Paddles with some panache

I like wood. Alot. Turns out I'm also a sucker for paisley. Cloth on a paddleboard deck provided me the inspiration to try cloth on a paddle blade. et voila as the paddleboarders say in Wisconsin. The sky's the limit, all I need is cotton cloth. These are build to order paddles because selecting the cloth for the blade is part of the drill. Call us and let's build a Splash paddle!

picture of paddle with cloth covered blades

Splash paddles start out as five strips of basswood for the shaft, a basswood handle and a basswood blade. Any of a large variety of cloth patterns cover the blade surface. The cream of the basswood provides a nice background for the cloth pattern on the blade. Many variations are possible. Edge trim can be added as well as a tip guard. Edge trim can be walnut (brown), purpleheart (purple), more basswood, or bloodwood (red). Pictured above is a Splash Pocatello ‘resting’ on a beautiful stretch of the Yahara river.

picture of wavetrainSUP Splash paddle

Orange and blue on basswood. Made one at a time. Light. Strong. Lush. Just for you. Pictured here is a Splash Pasayten enjoying Lake Kegonsa.

picture of wavetrainSUP Splash paddle

Bright and happy. Lot of personality! This is a Splash Purcell.

Buying a Splash SUP paddle

length of the paddle (inches)