Splash paddle blade fabric choices

beaucoup choices for covering Splash paddle blades!

paddleboard paddles splashed with color!

In the above image from a sunny day photo session with (from left, see below for swatches): Splash Pocatello, Splash Deschutes*, Splash Purcell, Splash Pasayten, Splash Pahsimeroi, Splash Boise, a Splash Snohomish*, and another Splash Pasayten.

I like'em all - that's why I picked them!

If it is time to buy a paddle, choose the pattern you want and go back to the Splash order page, and enter your pattern name in the box along with the length you want for your paddle and things are good! Alway happy to email or talk if you have any questions!

Picture of Splash Hot Springs paddle text

Hot Springs

Red diamond pattern

Picture of Splash Bright Leaves paddle fabric.

Bright Leaves

Lots of color

Picture of Splash Summer Bright paddle fabric

Summer Bright

Summer's in the air, now it can be on your paddle too!

Picture of Splash Hoodoo paddle fabric

Velvet Spring

Intense summer colors

Picture of Splash Gallatin paddle fabric



Picture of Splash Onondaga paddle fabric.



Picture of Splash Summer Bright paddle fabric



Picture of Splash Minocqua paddle fabric



Picture of Splash Selkirk paddle fabric.


Kind of an iridescent sheen. Reminds me of peacock feathers with gorgeous green and purple pattern.

Picture of Splash Monashee paddle fabric.


Purple. Not blue! Simple and strong repeating pattern of white on purple.

Picture of Splash Owyhee paddle fabric


Lots of magenta (I think) and blue going on in this pattern.

Picture of Splash Hoodoo paddle fabric


Strong and simple pattern. I like how the red pops outs.

Picture of Splash Lone pine paddle fabric

Lone Pine

Big splashes of pink.

picture of Splash Pocatello paddle fabric


Bright blue paisley. Another pattern with kind of an iridescent sheen. White blade trim makes it pop.

picture of a Splash Ekalaka paddle fabric


Very cool set of green colors working well together!

picture of a Splash Sawtooth paddle fabric


Blue paisley pattern, smaller simpler swirls relative to the Pocatello pattern

picture of


Strong simple pattern.

picture of


subtle pattern. Great green color!

picture of a


Bright and happy. Very eye catching. Not subtle. White blade trime makes it pop even more.

picture of a


subtle pattern in a bright strong red.

picture of Splash Bugaboo


Love this iridescent bright green. Very cool paisley pattern. The paisley is kind of a silvery color on top of the green. Black (wenge) trim is a great edge contrast against the strong green.

picture of

Coeur d'Alene

Purple. White polka fots on strong purple background. Strong simple pattern. Eye catching.

picture of Splash Absaroka paddle fabric pattern


This pattern has the most black bkground color. Something about it caught my eye though. Great contrast with cream of paddle shaft and cream blade trim pieces. Wetting this will darken everything, but white of pattern will still stick out.

picture of Splash Bitterroot paddle fabric pattern


Another very bright iridescent pattern! Blue is bold and bright and dominant.

picture of a Splash paddle fabric pattern


Navy blue background holding up white polka dots. Another strong, simple and classic pattern.

picture of a Splash paddle fabric pattern


Cool but subtle paisley pattern.

picture of a Splash Pahsimeroi paddle fabric


Strong pinkish magenta background with a simple white pattern on top.

picture of a Splash Fourth of July paddle fabric

Fourth of July

patriotic paddling!

* I currently cannot find The Splash Deschutes fabric pattern. When and if, I can find it again I will happily use it, as it is one of my favorite patterns! The Splash Snohomish is a beautiful dark purple paisley print. When this fabric is wetted out with epoxy, the fine white line patterns are very hard to see. This becomes a very subtle pattern. The white in the Sula pattern darkens when wet as well.