build to order paddles

pick and choose the pieces for your paddle and we'll build it for you!

build to order paddle options

First of all - what's the difference between custom and build to order?
     A custom paddle is based on my design ideas, that I conjure up here at wavetrainSUP. While I immensely enjoy creating and crafting a unique paddle, there is no way for me to predict the height of the paddler, and..the paddler most likely will not have the same design quirks that I do. wavetrainSUP does have some models in stock in common lengths, but I try to keep those to a minimum, paddlers are unique after all, right?

Build to order offers the unique options of a ‘one-off’ custom, except that it is built in response to a paddler's desire. It does not hang on the rack, waiting for fate to come along. It waits in pieces of wood, for the designer (that would be YOU) to conjure up the creation. The only downside is a bit longer wait, since this paddle is built to order. Get it? The other issue is the need to know what's available so that the selection process can start. See below for an ongoing answer to that.

picture of a build to order paddle from wavetrainSUP

I've always loved the unique dark orange color of osage orange. The asymmetry of the darkish brown inclusions adds unique elements to an already unique wood. This paddle is one example of many ‘one off’ paddles, suggesting how a ‘build to order’ paddle could be designed by you and built by wavetrainSUP.

picture of build to order paddle shaft top pieces

Some ideas for how varied the fifth (top) piece of the shaft can be designed. This is also a good example of how much a few coats of varnish can ‘liven’ up what appears to be very bland wood in its ‘natural’ state.

Speaking of pieces of wood, there's about a kazillion options to choose from and combine. Shaft, blade, and handle options are found here for starters. This is a huge topic, at least when it comes to images of all these choices. I'm always working on this, especially given that new wood is discovered and other materials & suppliers go by the wayside.