Solid Citizen SUP paddle

a straightforward simple paddle made of western red cedar, basswood, and a bit of purpleheart.

Solid Citizen laminated wood bent shaft paddleboard paddle

Western red cedar. Light. Strong. Smells fantastic when you work it. Basswood. Creamy. Smooth. Great complement to cedar. Purpleheart edging and trim. Put it all together, add in some 4 ounce fiberglass cloth and epoxy, and you have our workhorse wood bent shaft paddleboard paddle - the Solid Citizen. Available as a kit, a completed custom (see the above picture showing five Solid Citizens), or a build to order paddle, the Solid Citizen looks good, feels good, and works good. Sorry for the bad grammar, but it rolls off the tongue...good!

Solid Citizen paddleboard paddle

Perfect day on the Yahara. Paddleboard has a coat of new life and a Solid Citizen is providing direction and maybe even some propulsion.

a Solid Citizen paddleboard paddle

Solid Citizen at play in Lake Wazeecha, a fabulous little tucked away flyover lake in central Wisconsin.

a custom bent shaft Solid Citizen paddleboard paddle

Solid Citizen in my daughter's capable hands, working through the wildness at the landing just above Dyreson Bridge.

Buying a Solid Citizen SUP paddle

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