Chubbster paddleboard paddle

A little wider. A little thicker. OK with it.

The Chubbster - a heavy duty paddle

You know the type. Quiet. Hard working. The first one in with sleeves rolled up. Everybody's friend, but just a little wider, a little thicker.
Most of wavetrainSUP's paddle shafts start life as one inch wide pieces of wood that are one quarter of an inch thick.
    Not so with the Chubbster. This oversized paddle is wider and thicker. The shaft pieces are one and a quarter (1¼) inch wide and 5/16ths inch thick, possibly a hair more. The end result is a bigger shaft, still in an egg shaped profile - just bigger - both wider and taller.
Likewise with the blade. Each blade half is the same width, they're just a bit thicker. Overall blade width can be increaded by using insert strips along both sides of the shaft. Blade thickness edges up to 5/16ths possibly a hair more. If you want the top of a Chubbster blade to bend, then you'll need to have that top portion thinned a bit. Thicker blade pieces are tough to bend. It's not a problem for the bulk of the blade, just that top couple of inches nearest the bend of the shaft, assuming you want it bent.

picture of a custom paddleboard paddle
picture of a custom paddleboard paddle
picture of a custom paddleboard paddle

Buying a Chubbster SUP paddle

length of the paddle (inches)