New Moon SUP paddle

A dark paddle, full of intrigue and mystery. Also it's made of rich dark brown walnut.

New Moon SUP Paddle

It's not black, but it's far darker than even the darkest cedar. As you may remember from your astronomy class, a new moon means no moon. As in a dark night. And that's what you have with a 'New Moon' paddle. Five strips of walnut for the shaft and blades out of the same dark walnut. I love how purpleheart complements the walnut. The creamy buff of basswood looks good with it as well. This paddle is available as a kit or as 'build to order'.

picture of a New Moon paddleboard paddle

The New Moon is one of wavetrainSUP's rare paddles. Like pictures of the real Sasquatch. This one is trimmed with basswood and the top piece of the shaft is reclaimed redwood.

Buying a New Moon SUP paddle

length of the paddle (inches)