Old School Red SUP paddles

reusing reclaimed redwood

SUP paddles with reclaimed redwood

It's beautiful stuff this reclaimed redwood. I can't find any of it here in flyover country, so I buy chunks of reclaimed redwood from a couple sources. Usually the chunks are beams salvaged from a demolished building. I imagine the beams are from an old school house. Nobody knows the true provenance, but that is how this paddle model found its name. About half the time, an Old School Red is a Solid Citizen cedar shaft and handle married to reclaimed redwood blades. The other paddles are all redwood, shaft and blade.
Usually Old School Reds are build to order paddleboard or canoe paddles, but on occasion I can make it into a kit. Call if you are interested.

picture of an Old School Red paddleboard paddle

enjoying time on the Yahara River, Wisconsin near Dyreson bridge; Old School Red with reclaimed curly redwood blade.

picture of redwood SUP paddles

The two left-side paddles are Old School Reds with three walnut shaft pieces, reclaimed curly redwood blade pieces and a redwood center piece on the shaft. The two right side paddles feature reclaimed cear vertical grain redwood blades.

picture of an Old School Red paddleboard paddle

Lake Wazeecha, WI. left side paddle is a new Splash paddle; front right is an Old School Red covering a Solid Citizen.

Buying an Old School Red SUP paddle

What length paddle would you like? In inches please :) !