Eye Candy SUP paddle

the magic happens in a beautiful piece of reclaimed Sitka spruce

cedar, spruce, and basswood SUP paddle

Nosing around in the back shed of an old lumberyard, I stumbled on an odd length piece of lumber. No one knew what it was. Finally the owner came out and looked at it. It was Sitka spruce he had purchased back in the day. I bought that piece of old wood and it is now the star of the show that is an Eye Candy paddle. That piece of Sitka spruce has a knot coming out the SIDE of the wood, so every time I rip a piece, a slice of that knot comes along. That's the eye in Eye Candy.

a custom Eye Candy paddle

This paddle is built around a piece of reclaimed cedar supporting a reclaimed redwood blade. A piece of Sitka spruce is on each side of this straight shaft canoe paddle offering an eye in both directions.

another custom Eye Candy paddle

This paddle features two pairs of book matched knots in the blade as well as an eye leading the way through the water, front and center in the first shaft piece

Buying an Eye Candy SUP paddle

length of the paddle (inches)