Happy Ghost SUP paddle

Pure white does not exist in nature. Instead there is beautiful, creamy white like basswood offers.

a creamy smooth basswood SUP paddle

It's been my experience that basswood offers a paddle nearly as light and every bit as strong as any other wood, and it does so as the creamiest colored wood I can find. True black and true white do not exist in the real world, or at least in the world of wood. Basswood comes the closest to that white though, and it offers simple textures and patterns as well, if your eye likes that kind of 'stuff'.

picture of a happy ghost paddleboard paddle

A Happy Ghost in its preferred environment - deep in the heart of flyover country on local water, late afternoon of an August day. This is the Yahara River, just upstream from the Native American fish weir site at the lower end of Mud Lake. It is an unfortunate name for a gorgeous, peaceful place to paddle. A Happy Ghost is more than up for this afternoon adventure.

picture of a Happy Ghost paddleboard paddle

Turns out that Ghosts love water. This is a basswood shaft, blade and handle with walnut blade trim.

picture of the blade of a Happy Ghost paddleboard paddle

Inner blade pieces and blade edge trim can add subtle color to the cream look of a Happy Ghost. Purpleheart goes well with basswood. Five shaft strips laminted with epoxy make basswood plenty strong while retaining surprising light weight.

Buying a Happy Ghost SUP paddle

length of the paddle (inches)