redwood paddle pieces

Our stock of redwood for your future paddle.

reclaimed curly and clear vertical redwood for paddle blades and shaft

Paddle pictured above is reclaimed curly redwood with walnut inner blade pieces and Captain Z's spar varnish in tannin-stained northwoods water. No filters and not photoshopped. Reflections are a bugger. This is largely wood you cannot get any more. Finding old growth redwood now is akin to hunting. I happened to be in the right place at the right time and this redwood is the result. Limited supply.

picture of finished and raw redwood in normal sunlight

Natural sunlight, no filters on lense. Raw, vertical grain, clear redwood blade and shaft pieces. On the left is a paddle with redwood blades from same stock showing redwood under MAS epoxy and Captain Z spar varnish. Center shaft piece is reclaimed cedar.

picture of redwood shaft strips

shaft strips under fluourescent shop light. The finished (aka wet) surface is a rich deep red. The wood is truly well named.

picture of back face of redwood paddle blade

a custom paddle. A unique ramp in lieu of stairstep shaft strip ends. First shaft piece is 1½ inch wide reclaimed cedar, second shaft piece is redwood and also uniquely shaped.