wavetrainSUP's very own handbuilt two hulled custom paddleboard

something about cataSUP


a custom Knotty Farmhand paddleboard paddle

I've always liked the look of catamarans and the quiet of kayaks. So, over the winter I went about turning my long imagined paddleboard into something real. And here it is. cataSUP is my favorite, but padamaran works too. maybe SUPcat? padacat? Two pontoons and a deck. Call it what you will, but it floats, it paddles and it is a joy out on the water!

picture of a cataSUP from wavetrainSUP

Lush colors that cut through the water. A spacious deck that can easily hold more than one paddler, or even a paddler and a sitter.

picture of a happy paddler on her cataSUP!


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