paddles and kits

wavetrainSUP sells paddle kits containing the pre-cut wood, a form, and all the components you need to make your own paddle! We also sell custom and build to order SUP paddles.

Bent shaft laminated wood SUP paddles

Getting out on the water is good stuff, right? Plus it improves digestion. Like powdermilk biscuits. Making the paddle that you take out on the water is even better. Like putting jelly on that biscuit. DIY paddlemaking kits are a big part of wavetrainSUP, and so are custom paddles. Getting out on the water is a great thing. Paddling that water with a paddle you made yourself is even better!

Be a paddler. Be a paddlemaker!

Leave it to the natives to come up with all the cool ideas. For starters, facing forward so you can see where you're going instead of where you've been is a pretty good thing. Hundreds of years later, everyone's doing it and now...a good chunk of us are standing up! So whether you're after a paddle for gifting to that special someone, or you want to make a paddle, or you just want your own paddle - I hope you'll look through wavetrainSUP, find the pieces of wood that you like, and make them your own!

Happy trails! I hope they are wet!

the Workbench Says

Our Northwoods line of paddles feature a double bend. The Minocqua version is made from Wisconsin white pine. The Manitowish version is tried and true western red cedar. Pics coming soon!

Pine Paddles

I've always liked pine. It smells good, looks good, and feels good. The Price is very good. So I made some pine paddles. It was good.

Pine paddles


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